The newlyweds table

The newlyweds table


The etiquette would require a newlyweds table at the reception, where also the parents, the best men and the maids of honor are sitting. Anyways, commonly and informally, a separate table is always chosen as a preferred solution.

This accounts for a much more intimate setting, where you can catch a breath from the attention of the attendees. They will be hoping to have you all to themselves. The etiquette gives further guidance: the Bride will be sitting on the right side of the Groom.

Even though the arrangement of the tables is the hardest moment as it will require all of your concentration and diplomacy skills, it is important to balance the disposition of all friends and family members around your table.

To maintain this balance, the newlyweds table shall not clash with the general layout of the others – not too much, not too little.



So, let’s see, what the main features of the newlyweds table are.


It shall be in the middle of the room or in a place where it can be easily visible from every angle. All the eyes of the guests will be on your table.



The table can have three different shapes: round, rectangular or elliptical – as long as the equilibrium with the other tables is maintained. You can dare and pick a table without tablecloth, provided that it suits the location and its set-up, which is of the uttermost importance. So, ladies and gentlemen, may the antique or pickled or transparent or mirroring (and so on) tables come in. Just don’t overdo it.

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Balanced … ok, but with something more … is it or is it not the newlyweds table?!
The style matches the general set – up of the location and the timetable of the reception. A colored tablecloth or a different mise en place might be enough. Or, other decorative elements and objects can be used together with a bouquet. The same type of flowers, but in different shape or higher quantity can do it. The chairs of the newlyweds need their own decoration, maybe with small floral accents. Same goes for the wall behind you: it shall be either covered or emphasized with lights and decorations of many kinds.


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To sum up, your table must make an impression and stand out from the others, but without exaggeration. A whole lot of tiny details will make it unique.


During the whole journey to your wedding day, we will be on your side and we will counsel you while choosing all the details of the style you adore. So fear not … and freak not. Relax and enjoy the moment.


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