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Weddy's Angels

Our activity originates from a shared idea and dream:
to make a special event of your wedding day.
We have been organizing weddings since 2012, offering quality, professionalism and efficiency to all of our customers.
These are key factors for our job to be properly done.
We are always watching the new trends, following our couples and
assisting them in choosing every detail of their wedding.


Ilaria Marchesi

Being an architect, Ilaria is the most rational and practical Angel. Attention, care of the details and constant research about new trends allow her to never run out of options. She is always prepared for every question the customer might have.


Roberta Gagliardini

Artistic and creative Angel, Roberta has the creative – operations role of Wedding Designer.
She designs and realizes the decorations and the set – up according to the couple’s needs, basically bringing the perfect wedding into life. Thanks to her preliminary drawings, the bride and groom can always see ideas and suggestions for the wedding first – hand.

Classical, romantic or an extravagant wedding?
We are ready to make your wishes come true!